What we do

Team Portals uses the Microsoft Power Platform to build custom software solutions for organizations of any type.  Here are a few examples that we have come up with.

Your Portal, your needs.


If you are a contractor looking for a way to communicate with all your employees, and give them the ability to fill out documents and view project details all from a custom desktop and mobile app…look no further.

laptop mockup
laptop mockup


If you are a church that has no way to accept online contributions, we have a prebuilt solution ready for you.  You can manage church members, and their families, committees and members, funds and budgets, contributions online and in person, calendar and mass text messaging.


If you are a nonptofit organization and a member of the Microsoft Nonprofit program, we have prebuilt solutions ready for you that can be paid for from your Microsoft Nonprofit program grants.

laptop mockup

Do you qualify for free stuff?

If you are a nonprofit organization or church that is currently not a member of the Microsoft Nonprofit group, you could qualify for up to $5,000 of free Microsoft accounts and services.

laptop mockup


If you are a travel sports organization, would you want a custom built platform to manage and communicate with your team that is built and backed by Microsoft?  We have a prebuilt solution ready for you.  And if you are a nonprofit sports organization, you can have most of the cost paid for from your Microsoft Nonprofit grants.


If you have a small business that manages everything on spreadsheets, we can seriously change your life.

laptop mockup
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