Raise money, raise spirits!

If you are looking for an easy out of the box fundraising solution, we have just the thing.  Our fundraising solution includes raffle games, custom event registrations, sweepstakes drawing, and even silent auctions.  

Automatic work flow processes.  You will be amazed at how much time you have been  wasting in the past after using our solutions.

Below are some of the out of the box features that are available.

Landing Page

We built a landing page on Power Pages that shows every active fundraising event.


Easily navigate to the embedded Power Apps canvas app from the Power Pages site.  User the canvas app to add and manage any fundraising event you want.  Links to the event will automatically populate on the landing page for users to access.

Raffle Game

Use the canvas app to manage the raffle game.  A timer is set to select a random number every 30 seconds.  Or the winner can be selected with 1 click of a button.  

RAffle Game

The raffle games are accesible through the power pages site, with real time updates from Dataverse.  Users simply select the number of tickets they want to purchase, and they complete the payment through the PayPal integration.

Raffle Ticket

Each user receives a copy of their ticket via text messaging using the Twilio connector.  When they arrive to the event, the mobile fundraising app is used to scan the QR code on their ticket, and grant them admission.

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